The Eden Hazard Conundrum

Eden Hazard is one of the most gifted footballers in the modern era. He certainly has the ability to turn a match on its corners on any given day. But, he doesn’t seem to be playing well these days. Adding to that, his constant ramble about PSG or Zidane makes it a worrying situation for Chelsea Football Club. It’s not as if his admiration for PSG or Zidane is anything new, he’s openly admitted to being a fan of Zidane in his childhood days in the past but, that fact that Hazard was the best player in the Premier League at that time made it sufferable for Chelsea fans. Now, however, the situation is completely different. Having had no goals in the league with two-thirds of the season gone by makes for a sorry statistical reading for a player of his stature and capability.


Chelsea v Swansea City - Premier League
LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 08: Eden Hazard of Chelsea reacts during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Swansea City at Stamford Bridge on August 8, 2015, in London, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)


With an ongoing dismal season for the club as well as the player personally, it is expected that Hazard should be doing all the talking on the pitch rather, he’s resorting to making remarks in the media like a spoilt child adding fuel to fire for a potential egress from the Club in the summer.

“It’s hard to say no to PSG, as with all teams capable of winning the Champions League.
Now, PSG are part of this category. And for me, winning the Champions League is the main objective. But for now, I do not dwell on it.
(When asked of his future) ‘I do not know, because there is always uncertainty in football. If we stick to the contract, I’ll still be at Chelsea next season.
Even if things are complicated this season, I am at Chelsea. I’m in a good group that can win trophies every season.
(Of Zidane at Real Madrid) ‘Of course with Zidane, it makes you want it as he was my idol when he was a player
‘I want to work with the best coaches in the world. But I do not know if Zidane is already part of this category, he has only led Real since early January.”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that his own hype from last season has caught up with him that’s what’s making him say all these things in the media. But, having said that, I still believe that he has a lot of great things to offer for Chelsea Football Club in the future. Ending on a high, here’s a reminder of what he can do.

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